Bracelets debut in Zookeeper



Hollywood star Rosario Dawson recently took our orphan bracelets international by offering to wear them in her film Zookeeper. The over-the-top family blockbuster features the voices of Cher, Nick Nolte and Sylvester Stallone and saw a world-wide summer release in 2011. The OBC would like to thank Ms. Dawson - who wears our bracelets througout the film - for her generous contribution.


Rosario also agreed to a mini photoshoot for the OBC whilst wearing the orphan bracelets (as seen on one of our home page slides). Below are some screenshots from the movie Zookeeper where Ms. Dawson can be seen supporting our cause:



With co-star Kevin James



As Kate - the Zoo veterinarian


With Kevin James and Ken Jeong - as Venom



Being interviewed on the Zookeeper set


See other celebrities wearing our bracelets